Saturday, June 4, 2011


Fresh shrimps are sold out. Norwegians love them on a slice of bread with mayonnaise, fresh salad and dill, they squeeze some lemon on top... Removing the hard shell together with friends and family and colleagues is a Norwegian social event par excellence.

Reker (shrimps)

The trash can exclusively for disposable grills is full. In Norway the nature is everyone's. You can walk anywhere, pick berries and mushrooms, even cut down a Christmas tree... However, the biggest activity of the sommer months in the forests is grilling. And since they already recycle everything, why not recycle disposable grills in a separate trash can?

There are more cars in front of the zoo as in front of IKEA. Ingmar Kamprad tried to turn shopping into a pleasure... however, right now there is no summer offer that possibly could be more tempting as a fun day with Julius the monkey in the Kristiansand zoo. You can even spend a night in Kardemomme by (Cardamom Town), a theme park built exactly like the illustrations of Thorbjørn Egner's famous children's story When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town. This zoo is so nice that not only people but also animals seem to have a great time there - they are populating which makes it possible for the zoo to export animals. This is actually quite unique.

Summer is on in Norway. And this is their No. 1 summer song. The everyone-knows-it-by-heart-sort of song.