Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is Norway like?

Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark. December, 2010.

We have just arrived in Copenhagen. There are still a couple of hours until our connection flight to Kristiansand is leaving. We decide to kill the time in the inner town of Copenhagen. We want to take the train and are standing in the queue in front of the automatic ticket machine. Three out of the five machines are not working.

There is a Danish boy behind us. He seems to be in a hurry... he is checking his watch every 10 seconds. He tells us he wants to go to Helsingor. A train to Helsingør leaves nearly every 15 minutes. We offer him to go first. He refuses it kindly, looks at the automats not working and adds somewhat painfully: "It's not perfect, it's not Norway."

This is what Norway is like. Perfect.

Or... isn't it?

Klien, Erica Giovanna: Locomotive. 1926.

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