Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Moods of Norway-experience

Kristiansand, 3rd March, 2010 - The Norwegian fashionlabel Moods of Norway opened its biggest store in the world. The brand was not unknown in the town, it could be found in some other stores and I remember I almost purchased a pair of navy moon boots like these in December, in the middle of my deepest winter-desperation... :)

The idea of the label was born in the village of Stryn, Western Norway by Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen. The third founder, Stefan Dahlkvist joined the team a little later. Alone their slogan "Happy clothes for happy people" was attractive but knowing the fact that the Norwegian landscape and urban lifestyle have been inspiring them and being passionate about everything local, I couldn't wait until I finally have the chance to check out the store with my own eyes.

The proud founders
I think I haven't been to a clothes store before where the inner enterieur played such an important role. Imagine that after some steps in the forest (mushrooms, a rabbit and a huge white milk can in the shopping window), you enter a cosy hytte (= a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, the more nomadic the better. Something utterly Norwegian). The furniture is old, used and welcoming. Not antique but more like the style of the 60s or 70s, something that makes your grandma's place cosy but for some reason you don't really appreciate in your own place. And since a real hytte does not have water in it, feel free to step in the wooden outdoor toilets - however, strictly to be used as changing rooms! Wow... chapeau!

The collection is colourful and has very different pieces. Not to be offensive or anything but Norway being particularly famous for its gender equality, I wouldn't have minded seeing a bigger female collection (it's awesome as it is but still...:). There were some really nice things for the ladies and I could see some children's wear as well but for me, the most interesting part of the collection was the men's wear. I really liked the different suits (all had a nice and unexpected twist) and it was cool to see all the magenta and turquoise - black shoes with a turquoise sole - how cool is that??? Actually I might want to purchase something in these shades because I got scared I (= lover of sober colours, greys, blacks etc.) may radiate the message toward the world that I am not a happy person... :)

Oh, and I wanted to save the best for last. The key piece of the store (that I think expresses the whole Moods of Norway-philosophy) is a huge pink tractor in the middle of the store. It's also the sign of the label that appears on many of the pieces of the collection - I usually don't like wearing the sign of a label (why should I advertise them for free???) but this tractor thing is sooo far out there that I can't help loving it.

The pink tractor
I think a pink tractor is kind of a slap on the face of all the fashion snobs in Milan or Paris making people unhappy (cf. slogan of Moods of Norway) with their statements.

Or wait... not a slap. A snowball. Yes, I think it's rather a snowball into their face. That's more like Moods of Norway.

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